Our Story

Company’s Background

SIN SENG YAP SDN BHD started its business as trading company involved in marketing and distribution of Coffee & Tea. SIN SENG YAP involves in a chain of diversified foods and beverages products which include cordial  drinks. The company expanded its business presence by owning coffee bean plantations and manufacturing plants in Malaysia. With this advantage, the Company has been continuously innovating in product development and producing wide range of premium coffee and tea products.

Development History of Company 

The Founder of company Mr. Tan Ah Peng and Madam Lee Saw Kim started its business since the year of 1972 as an Enterprise.

Cap Panglima

In 1972, the first brand of Tea Dust established together with the company. A very famous brand of tea at mamak stall and supermarket for 43 years (up to year 2015).

Rose Amina Sirap

At the same year of 1972, the company has developed well known Rose Amina Sirap, which is the first Rose Syrup in Malaysia. Rose Amina Sirap very fast to penetrate the market, mainly due to the good and stable quality.


In order to expand the business presence, our Founders explored new market segment, which is Coffee. The Cap Tajmahal coffee established in 1974, the brand merchandised with a long-established reputation. Until now, our traditional roasted coffee or known as Kopi-O in Malaysia has gained more trust from customers with its good quality, aroma and taste.

Dragon Fruit Brand

Sin Seng Yap has continuously innovated in their areas of product development. The Dragon Fruit Brand or Cap Buah Naga has ranges of coffee and tea products. The most significant product is Hong Kong style Coffee and Ceylon Tea Dust. Currently, we are not only supplying in East and West Malaysia, but also in Australia, Hong Kong and China.


In 2010, the company aim on high grade roasted ground bean by using the Liberica bean from own coffee plantation which is located at Yong Peng, Johor. The most famous Kopi Luwak has successfully bring the business to another chapter of retail business.

Along the years, Sin Seng Yap had acquired coffee and tea powdermanufacturing and merchandising companies i.e. Hai Soon Leong Sdn. Bhd. and Theong Thai Tea Merchant Sdn Bhd. to expand the Company’s businesses. In 2010, Mr. Tan Ah Peng has consolidated few group of companies and businesses under Tan Ah Peng Holdings Sdn. Bhd. In the same year, Mr. Tan Ah Peng was also elected as the President of Association of Tea & Coffee Malaysia starting from 2010 up to present.

The consolidation of companies revealed a stronger foods & beverages business line for Sin Seng Yap, not only confined to the trading of tea, coffee powder and cordial drinks but also plantation, marketing and retailing.